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Prescription drug coverage

All eligible in-service UFT members and their dependents have prescription drug coverage through the UFT Welfare Fund. There are no waiting periods for this coverage, and members have options to pick up or get delivery of most medications.

If there are no more optical certificates, how will I access my benefits?

Eligibility information will be available electronically via and the GVS mobile app (coming soon on iOS or Android) as well as via a dedicated phone line at 212-729-5395. As always, you have the option to access your benefits either in...

Have our benefits in the optical program changed? Will these changes cost me anything?

These changes do not affect benefit levels or eligibility; they only serve to improve speed and ease of access by eliminating the need to wait for a paper optical certificate before you or your dependents access your benefits. This additional benefit...

Why is the UFT changing its optical program? How will I benefit from these changes?

In partnership with our optical benefit administrator (General Vision Services / GVS) we are upgrading the optical program so you can obtain your benefits more quickly and conveniently. Removing the logistical limitations of obtaining an optical...

What do the GVS website and GVS mobile app do in regards to our optical benefits?

Both the GVS website and the GVS app (coming soon on iOS or Android)) allow you to verify eligibility for optical benefits, locate in-network providers, and submit claims.

How do I obtain an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the Welfare Fund's optical program?

As is presently the case, GVS will mail your EOB after paying your claim.

Can the Welfare Fund reply to my inquiry directly via text or social media message?

For the privacy and security of your personal information, program representatives will not send you texts or direct messages to social media accounts. They will communicate with you either by phone call, postal mail, or email to your address of...

How is the UFT's optical program changing? What will I have to do to obtain my benefits?

As of Feb. 1, 2021, UFT members will no longer be required to obtain a paper certificate in order to access optical benefits for yourself or your eligible dependents. Once you confirm your eligibility (either at or on the GVS app...

Catastrophic major medical insurance open enrollment

Whatever your age or the type of medical insurance you have, you can be left with extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses if you have a serious medical issue or require convalescent, custodial or home health care.

New coverage for IVF and HIV prevention

Effective July 1, 2020, the GHI-CBP plan and the HIP HMO plan will expand coverage of IVF and HIV prevention drugs.