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New coverage for IVF and HIV prevention

Effective July 1, 2020, the CBP/GHI plan and the HIP HMO plan will expand coverage of IVF and HIV prevention drugs.

Contact health benefits programs via secure email

Due to the closure of the Health Benefits Retiree client service walk-in center, it cannot access or process forms or correspondence mailed or faxed on March 11, 2020, or after.

New option for getting maintenance drugs

The UFT Welfare Fund prescription drug benefit has been enhanced. In-service members who are eligible for UFT Welfare Fund benefits now have a new convenient option for picking up their long-term medications for chronic conditions such as high...

A new program for Hepatitis C treatment

The UFT Welfare Fund has announce a new and innovative program with EmblemHealth that the UFT Welfare Fund has been able to attain to help UFT-represented employees suffering from the Hepatitis C virus.

Your prescription drug plan

All eligible in-service UFT members and their dependents have prescription drug coverage through the UFT Welfare Fund. There are no waiting periods for this coverage. Learn more about this valuable benefit.

Maximizing your prescription drug benefits

Read on for some advice on how best to maximize your prescription drug benefit, whether you’re at a doctor’s visit or the pharmacy, or determining how best to order your maintenance medications.

Short-term disability plan

In-service UFT members have the protection of a short-term disability plan that can provide valuable income when personal illness renders them temporarily unable to work.

Hearing aids

The UFT Welfare Fund, which provides an array of supplemental health benefits to eligible UFT members, provides a hearing aid benefit of $1,000.

Dental care

The UFT Welfare Fund provides dental benefits through two programs: the Scheduled Benefit Plan, which provides services through the Welfare Fund panel or a dentist of your choice; and Dentcare, a no-cost dental HMO.

'Let’s Talk About It’ substance abuse conference

More than 800 middle and high school students heard what it’s like to struggle with addiction from young people not much older than themselves at a conference on substance abuse co-sponsored by the UFT and held at union headquarters in Manhattan on...