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Linda Fanelli


I looked up at the sky, peaceful
and blue,
All that would soon change, but no one knew.
Why — this senseless violence?
Why — were innocent lives lost?
The evil ones spread terror, no matter what
the cost.
How could they believe any God would condone such a loss of life?
How could their followers create this act of strife?
As terror filled our skies,
a sadness filled our lives,
from these actions of the worst
came reactions from our best, as they toiled,
with no rest.
These heroes made us proud,
within the gray, dust covered shroud
as dark fell with the night,
our hearts were filled with fright.
Be strong for our children,
I heard someone say —
So we all held hands and began to pray.
The sky lit up with candles of hope
as we all try to find a way to cope.
Let's all come together,
to heal those still alive
For we are all Americans and we know how to survive!