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Rita Jones

A Day Not To Be Forgotten

On September 11, 2011 terrorists struck the city's twin towers
Who dared to do this, who thought they had the powers?
Our incredible skyline of New York city will never be the same
The senseless destruction, shows only steel and ashes remain.

Not only the twin towers, but also the Pentagon,
So many people missing, so many lives gone.
Policemen, firemen, rescue workers recover so very few
Their efforts are endless, their losses unbearably true.

Pictures of loved ones, no one again will see
This should not be happening in the land of the free.
Tears flow freely, the strongest cry
As the world watches and wonders, why?

Everyone talks, reaching out for each other
Hugs for once a stranger – now our brother.
New Yorkers are strong, as is our nation.
We will rise through this crisis and through participation,

Defend our country and wave our flag proudly
We are the United States of America and we'll chant it loudly.