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Chapter elections

Every three years the UFT members in your school (or functional chapter) conduct chapter elections. UFT members have a right to run for office, nominate other members and vote for candidates. Electing a solid team is important to your interests, the strength of your school community and the strength of our union.

The role of chapter leader can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. Chapter leaders make a difference in the lives of members every day by having a direct hand in shaping their working conditions and morale. The UFT provides chapter leaders with extensive training and support from district representatives, borough office staff and our central headquarters in lower Manhattan.

Your school/chapter also elects delegates to the UFT’s primary legislative body, the Delegate Assembly: one delegate is elected for every 60 members or major fraction thereof. Teachers elect their delegates at school; functional chapters hold separate elections. Chapter leaders are also delegates.

Elected delegates attend and participate in a monthly Delegate Assembly to decide union policy. They bring your concerns to the DA and report back to you.

Every member has a vested interest in electing strong representatives, and we strongly encourage you to get involved. The people you elect are the ones who will articulate your ideas and views, and communicate the issues and decisions heard at, and made by, the Delegate Assembly.