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Teacher Union Day 2022 Honorees

Teacher Union Day 2019


Teacher Union Day commemorates the 1960 strike that put the newly-formed UFT on the path to being the activist organization that it is today. On this day, we honor the past leaders who inspire us and celebrate our present leaders who continue in their footsteps by keeping the union strong through their activism and dedication.

2022 Honorees

Charles Cogen Award

For outstanding service to the union rendered by a veteran leader

  • Shelvy Young-Abrams. recently retired leader of the Paraprofessionals Chapter

Jules Kolodny Award

Given to an individual who has shown outstanding leadership and commitment to the trade union movement with years of leadership yet to be fulfilled.

  • Geof Sorkin, UFT Welfare Fund Executive Director

David Wittes Award

Given to a person or a group that has shown outstanding courage, dedication and commitment to the ideals of the UFT

  • Patricia Mezzacappa, I.S. 61, Staten Island 

Audrey Chasen Award 

Given in memory of Audrey Chasen, a former teacher mentor in the New York City public schools

  • Dan Wever, Sunset Park High School, Brooklyn

Sidney Harris Award 

Given to an outstanding union leader and educator

  • Lorraine O’Shea-Willsea, P.S. 168, Bronx

Backer-Scheintaub Award 

Given to honor the lives of Gerald Backer and Mildred Scheintaub by encouraging potential new teacher union leaders

  • Terrain Reeves, Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn

Marsh/Raimo Award 

Given in recognition of political action

  • Corrine Barros, P.S. 62, Bronx
  • llyana Frias, P.S. 811, Brooklyn 
  • Faiza Khalid, P.S. 36, Manhattan
  • Troy McGhie, Curtis High School, Staten Island 
  • Annawa Naing, P.S. 78, Queens
  • Joyce Magnus, Retired Teachers Chapter

Albert Lee Smallheiser Award 

This award recognizes the work of educators who strive to improve the working conditions of their colleagues

  • Mashantuck Bell
  • Zina Burton-Myrick
  • David Campbell
  • Nicholas Cruz
  • Charles Dibenedetto
  • Tanisha Franks
  • Sierra Jorgensen
  • Laurie Lubman
  • Emma Mendez
  • Sheryl Pender

AFT Special Recognition Award

  • Ethan Holder, P.S. 771, Brooklyn

Ely Trachtenberg Award

Awarded to outstanding chapter leaders

Elementary Schools

School Chapter leader
PS 34M Kevin Cusumano
PS 63M Amy Parker
PS 77M Michelle Liss
PS 89M Carmen Romero
PS 129M Veronica Lawyer-James
PS 133M Kelvin Almonte
PS 163M Kelly Aherne
PS 171M Kelly Kim
PS 199M Phoebe Hanshew
PS 497M Marilyn Martinez
PS 1K Mary Martinez
PS 10K Clifford Bowen
PS 69K Anna Caligara
PS 75K Debra Elhadri
PS 100K Joan Davis
PS 133K Vivian Mendez-Quintero
PS 152K Randi Boxer
PS 153K Joann Savage
PS 161K Tracy Lee
PS 203K Penny Lee Berman
PS 213K Samantha Revells
PS 219K Michael Jacobs
PS 257K Lisa Berman
PS 262K Shaude Tyson
PS 327K Wendell Bristol
PS 380K Emma Porzio
PS 503K Dina Barghouti
PS 671K Kia-Simone Graham
PS 705K Sarah Abodunrin
PS 46Q Amy Gruttadaro
PS 54Q Michelle Pepe
PS 64Q Michele Mosca
PS 134Q Cherise Parson
PS 143Q Andrea Maniatis
PS 165Q Blair Brager
PS 193Q Mary Shaumei Andrews
PS 354Q Jose Lago
PS 376Q Kathy Gardner
PS 9X Jaffranna Hinojosa
PS 19X Kathleen Brown
PS 44X Sandra Leiser
PS 95X James Regan
PS 152X Jasmine Chandoo
PS 161X Michelle Morrison
PS 182X Elizabeth Kiernan
PS 536X Mark Marino
PS 11R Joanne Williams
PS 68R Erin Tripo

Junior High/Middle Schools

School Chapter leader
JHS 57K Ron Brown Middle School Nicole Smith
IS 171K Abraham Lincoln Marissa Ortega-Peterson
IS 211K John Wilson Gordon Marshall 
IS 73Q Caren Criscuoli
JHS 22X Conor J. Callagy
Academy for Personal Leadership & Excellence (X) Michael Resnick
South Bronx Preparatory (X) Lake A. Zebrowski
IS 27R Patrick Coughlin
IS 72R Jason Bentsen

High Schools

School Chapter leader
A. Philip Randolph Campus High School (X) Sonia Burke
Hudson HS of Learning Technologies High School (M) Glen Pandolfino
Quest to Learn M422 Rachelle Vallon
Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration HS (K) Muntaha Hussein
Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic Excellence (K) Nicholas Marrone
Fort Hamilton High School (K)   Kristen Brehm 
Life Academy High School for Film & Music (K) Stella Inserra
Multicultural High School (K) Oliver Prince, Jr. 
Research and Service High School (K) Yanique Alexandre
The East New York Arts & Civics High School (K) Danielle Goodwin
The Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice High School (K) Sarah Finucane
Transit Tech High School (K) Renard Ramsey
Bronx Aerospace High School (X) Donna Orr-Marrow
International Community High School (X) Josef Donnelly
Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School (X) Bonnie K. Katz
Bayside High School (Q) Jonathan Nuwesra
John Adams High School (Q) Bonnie Lestz
Hillcrest High School (Q) Michael Ferruso
Richmond Hill High School (Q) Adam Robertson

District 75

School Chapter leader
PS 168X at Hillman Children Center Lorraine O'Shea-Willsea
PS 23Q Paulette Scott

District 79

School Chapter leader
PS 397 ELLIS Preparatory Academy High School (X) Elizabeth Levy
PS 973 (M) Nazario Gonzalez

Functional Chapter

Chapter Chapter leader
Teachers Assigned Chapter Naomi Filemon-Rodriguez

Union Service Awards

10-Year Chapter Leaders

Avram S. Barlowe

Phillip J. Barone

Gretta Belton-Bourjolly

Lisa Berman

Penny L. Berman

Amy J. Bernstein

Jonathan D. Blaufarb

Anna M. Caligara

Afiya A. Callender

Jeanette Cano-Lawson

Ross T. Chodan

Lena S. Cosentino

Kevin L. Cusumano

Sharon Delvecchio

Betsy Diaz Murphy

Danielle Diluzio-Velez

James Eugenio

Sarah R.Evens

Deborah A. Fiallo

Jerilyn A. Fueller

Jeanne M. Gausman

Simone Harris

Barry S. Hauptman

Michael P. Hayes


Christine J. Hernandez

Jessica A. Herrera

Jennifer A. Insalaco

Brian L. Isler

Cara S. Jacofsky

Nixon Jeanty

Damian T. Jones

Rob L. Karp

Robert J. Klein

Zoe M. Kleinmann

Susan E. Kowal

Nina D. Kramer

Judy Kriegsman

David H. Kupfer

Jonathan F. Licata

Michelle D. Liss

Maria T. Lopez

Gary C. Malone

Christina D. Martin

Marilyn C. Martin

Marilyn Martinez

Dawn M. Mcdonald

Ann E. Mcindoo

Raymond J. Mena

Danielle M. Minor

Arturo A. Molina

Alycia K. Morell


Lester A. Morris

Michael A. Myers

Michael Nappi

Patrick P. Nau

Andrew J. Nugent

Erin Oates

Patricia Pabon

Jenifer T. Pace

Alexander J. Reich

Iris D. Rios

Thomas A. Rosa

Catherine P. Sarlo

Michael T. Strochansky

Courtney E. Summer

Lori A. Talish

Tanika S. Thomas

Paula M. Thomas

Loretta A. Tumbarello

Charles F. Ungar

Jennifer Valdez

Johnny Veloz Infante

Amanda L. Walsh

Mark A. Walters

Shawn C. West

Bridgette D. Williams

Arthur J. Zander

Christina Zuccaro


15-Year Chapter Leaders

Stevie Burrell

Jeremy L. Copeland

Wayne S. Greenberg

Patricia Mezzacappa

Joseph Natale

Andrew D. Rosenberg

Marie M. Sarabia

Tricia A. Tiedemann-Walsh

Lisa A. Viscovi


20-Year Chapter Leaders

Joyce Baldino

Denice A. Gamper

Jonathan Halabi