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Resolution honoring UFT founder Ray Frankel

Union Resolutions

WHEREAS, we sadly announce the passing on Feb. 23, 2019 of Ray Frankel, who was one of the founders of the United Federation of Teachers; and

WHEREAS, Ray was a member of the Teachers Guild, one of the predecessors of the UFT, who began distributing its newspaper from Day 1 to, as she said, “challenge the prevailing culture that said unions and teachers didn’t mix”; and

WHEREAS, Ray was one of five teachers from PS 165 in Manhattan to participate in the pivotal 1960 teachers’ strike, which heralded the formation of the UFT; and

WHEREAS, Ray never had a question about which side of history she would be on because as the daughter of lifelong ILGWU activists, “In my milieu you were either planning a strike, on strike or reminiscing about one”; and

WHEREAS, Ray brought her dedication and commitment with her when she began teaching at Manhattan’s HS of Art and Design, tenaciously recruiting new members to help the union grow; and

WHEREAS, Ray became a formidable force at the UFT, ensuring fairness and democracy in her longtime role as chair of the union’s election committee;

WHEREAS, Ray was a member of the union’s Executive Board until 2013 and continued, until shortly before her death, to oversee interim functional chapter elections in her later role of UFT election coordinator; and

WHEREAS, Ray was among the first 50 UFT luminaries listed on the union’s Wall of Honor at UFT headquarters, which was unveiled on Dec. 6, 2010; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that today we honor Ray Frankel’s work and memory by vowing to continue to keep strong and vital the union that she helped create.

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Union Resolutions