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Union Resolutions

Resolution on the 54th anniversary of the 1960 strike by the UFT

Union Resolutions

WHEREAS, November 7, 2014, will mark the 54th anniversary of the New York City teachers’ strike in 1960 that helped set the stage for the then newly formed United Federation of Teachers to win recognition as the collective bargaining agent for New York City teachers; and

WHEREAS, the walkout was the first strike by teachers in New York City history; and

WHEREAS, the fact that the strike was technically illegal under the state’s Condon-Wadlin law meant that teachers who participated risked the loss of their jobs; and

WHEREAS, the leaders of the new union nevertheless felt the strike was necessary because of the city’s failure to live up to promises to grant recognition to the UFT as the collective-bargaining agent for teachers or to provide teachers a raise; and

WHEREAS, there were 5,600 teachers, secretaries, guidance counselors and social workers striking and another 2,000 calling in sick; and

WHEREAS, the courageous actions by union leaders before, during and after the 1960 strike paved the way for the UFT to become one of the nation’s greatest unions, with 200,000 members; and

WHEREAS, it is important for all UFT members to know the union’s history so that we may learn from it to face the new and serious challenges facing educators, health professionals and other UFT members today; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that on this anniversary of the 1960 strike, we pay tribute to our founders and other members who through courage, loyalty, dedication and painstaking work made it possible for us to proclaim proudly today our membership in the United Federation of Teachers.

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