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Annie Johnson, a paraprofessional at PS 225 in Brooklyn

Resolution to stand against gun violence

The union supports Governor Hochul’s measures in New York, reaffirms its longstanding support for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, as well as other gun safety laws, and will work with the American Federation of Teachers at the national level both to overcome the obstacles to these commonsense safety measures and to organize other means of harnessing the power of our local and national organizations to confront and end this ongoing national tragedy.

Shaking hands in agreement - generic

Decorum resolution

We the members and delegates of the United Federation of Teachers regardless of any caucus or affiliation recommit ourselves to the principles of respectful and open debate; be it resolved, that we affirm our commitment to argue our differences without attacking the intention or integrity of individuals.


AAPI month

Asian American curriculum resolution

The UFT supports the inclusion of AAPIs in the DOE Mosaic Curriculum; and may it be further resolved, that the UFT partner with the Asian American Education Project in moving forward state legislation supporting the inclusion of curriculum representing AAPI history.

A large group of award winners pose on the stairs for a photo

Resolution on school-related personnel

The UFT recognizes our outstanding school-related professionals and pays tribute to them for their important contributions to the New York City school system and to the United Federation of Teachers.

Stuyvesant HS students watch in horror as Tower 2 collapses on Sept. 11, 2001.

Resolution on the observance of a moment of silence in all NYC public schools in commemoration of the heroes and the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Our union shall urge the New York City Department of Education and the NYC Mayor's Office to put forth and effectuate new Regulations of the Chancellor and new NYC Local Laws which, within their lawful means, shall require all NYC public school teachers at the elementary schools division, the junior high schools and intermediate schools division, and the high schools division to procure and present to our students a developmentally-appropriate and an instructionally-sound social studies/history/community learning curriculum that shall teach all of New York City's students about what happened in our city — their city — on September 11, 2001.

Photo of a standardized bubble test with person filling in circles with a blue pen

Resolution to support the elimination of distributive scoring for high school Regents exams

The UFT calls on the Chancellor to reinstate Regents scoring at the home school when there is adequate staff to comply with state regulations, so that teachers can remain at their regularly assigned sites.

hand covering face

Resolution in support of eradicating domestic violence and intimate partner violence

The UFT will work with the City of New York and local coalition partners to educate young people, UFT members and New Yorkers at large about the dangers of domestic violence and intimate partner violence and to offer resources to combat, prevent and eliminate these violent incidents in the future.

Debra Penny

Resolution endorsing Debra Penny for re-election to the NYC Teachers' Retirement Board

The United Federation of Teachers endorses Debra Penny for re-election as a Teacher-Member of the Teachers’ Retirement Board of the City of New York for a three-year term beginning in 2022.

Healthcare -stethoscope

Resolution in support of New York State Senate Bill 728

The UFT will continue to educate and inform its members of their healthcare benefits and affirms its commitment to the HIV/AIDS community by supporting this bill and urge its state affiliate NYSUT to help the UFT by pushing to get this bill passed in Albany.

working relationships

Resolution on member engagement during contract negotiations

The UFT will continue to raise our collective voices towards achieving a fair, just and representative contract.