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Resolution to endorse Scott Stringer in the June 22 Democratic Primary for mayor

WHEREAS, the leadership of this union urges you to vote to support Scott Stringer in the campaign to be the next Mayor of New York City; therefore, be It
RESOLVED that the UFT endorses Scott Stringer for his primary election for Office of the Mayor of the City of New York.

Resolution calling for the cancellation of the administration of the NYSESLAT exam this school year

The UFT opposes the administration of the NYSESLAT exam during the 2020-21 school year.

Resolution endorsing David Kazansky for re-election to the NYC Teachers' Retirement Board

The UFT endorses David Kazansky for re-election as a Teacher-Member of the Teachers’ Retirement Board of the City of New York for a three-year term beginning in 2021.

Resolution on additional City Council endorsements

The UFT endorses Vanessa Gibson for the office of Bronx Borough President, Brad Hoylman for the office of Manhattan Borough President, Stacy Lynch, Marjorie Velazquez, Rafael Salamanca, Austin Shafran, Linda Lee, and Nantasha Williams to be the next City Council Members to represent their respective districts.

Resolution on City Council endorsements

The UFT endorses Pierina Sanchez, Althea Stevens, Amanda Farias, Tiffany Caban, James Gennaro, Lynn Schulman, Michael Scala, Jennifer Gutierrez, Henry Butler, Alexa Aviles, Josue “Josh” Pierre, Nikki Lucas, Shirley Paul, UFT member Steven Saperstein, and Amoy Barnes to be the next City Council Members to represent their respective districts.

Resolution kicking off 2021 NYC local elections with 21 initial endorsements

The UFT will kick off the 2021 local elections in New York City with 21 initial endorsements in January 2021.

Resolution for the UFT to continue its efforts honoring and advocating for Latin American educators

The UFT continues to advocate for the recruitment of more Latino educators to ensure Latino students are taught by teachers with similar backgrounds.

Resolution promoting health care and human rights protections for transgender people

The UFT supports the work being done to ensure that the rights of the transgender and non-gender conforming community will be equitable to all other protected classes.

Resolution in support of school librarians

The UFT will continue to fight for the inclusion of school librarians in all current and future New York City Department of Education activities, programs and initiatives as appropriate to their role as educators.

Resolution in support of Black Lives Matter at school

The UFT stands in solidarity with Black students and educators as well as all communities of conscience, in the struggle for a more supportive, equitable and fair school system and society.