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Other Professional Work

Appropriate activities during the 35-minute block of time for Other Professional Work are:

  • collaborative planning
  • lesson study
  • inquiry and review of student work
  • measures of student learning (MOSL)-related work
  • Individualized Education Program-related work (excluding IEP meetings)
  • work with or related to computer systems/data entry
  • preparing and grading student assessments
  • mentoring
  • responsibilities related to teacher leader duties for all individuals in teacher leader positions.

Teachers can choose from the activities listed in the contract over the course of the year. Principals can direct the teachers to an activity on the list “on an as-needed basis” to improve class instruction and meet the needs of the school as outlined in its Comprehensive Education Plan.

During the 2016–17 school year, the union grieved the fact that principals were assigning teachers to activities on a regular basis. The UFT and the DOE further clarified the use of this time: "On an as-needed basis, principals can direct teachers or paraprofessionals to activities on the list but as per this decision cannot on a regular basis and must be the exception rather than the rule."

In addition to the activities listed here, a teacher or a group of teachers may propose additional activities that may include working with a student or students for any portion of the school year, which requires approval by the principal. In addition, a School Development Committee (SDC) may choose to meet to continue its work during times when other professional work is appropriate.

For more information, see Article 6B1d of the contract.