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Parent Engagement

In single session schools, parent engagement time was established with the 2014 contract which created a 40-minute block of time after school on Tuesdays for teachers and paraprofessionals.

The 2023 contract increased parent engagement time to 55 minutes per week with this time being able to be conducted remotely. This time is self-directed, and teachers and paraprofessionals choose the activity and conduct parent engagement outside of the school day at the times that work for them. Parent engagement does not need to be conducted in one 55-minute block of time and may be spread out across the week.

Here are the contractual activities appropriate to conduct during parent engagement:

  • Meetings (individual or group) with parents or guardian
  • Telephone conversations with parents or guardians
  • Written correspondence with parents or guardians
  • Creating newsletters
  • Creating content for school/class websites and answering machines
  • Preparing student report cards
  • Preparing student progress reports
  • Meetings with parents of English Language Learners
  • Preparing for parent engagement activities

Teachers and paraprofessionals must document the activities using a parent engagement log unless the activity is already documented in a school approved digital system. Principals may request parent engagement logs be submitted.

If less than the full time is taken up with parent engagement activities, the teacher or paraprofessional can use the remaining time, remotely if they wish, on Other Professional Work

If there are issues involving the implementation of parent engagement, speak to your chapter leader or district rep about resolving them through the paperwork and operational issues resolution process.

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